Neural Group ニューラルグループ株式会社

Update the world
for a better tomorrow

SERVICESThe five priority areas of our business

  • We provide services that contribute to solving various social issues faced by cities and industries by combining our proprietary AI library and converting data such as the dynamics of people and vehicles in real space.

  • We provide safety monitoring and guidance services for flat and multi-story parking lots, truck berths in logistics facilities, license plate analysis of running vehicles, and signage.

  • We provide AI signage services for commercial facilities, office buildings, and smart cities; by integrating AI analysis and signage advertising, we can visualize the flow of people and viewing information in real spaces and the effectiveness of advertising.

  • As a remote work security solution, RemoDesk is a service that ensures security under out-of-office work while also protecting the privacy of employees.

  • Introducing the world’s first fashion trend database, “AI MD”, consisting of a data library of some 26 million images. Aids customer brands in introducing products and reducing stock and waste at over 3,000 stores nationwide.

TECHNOLOGYUse of Cutting Edge Image Analysis Technology

  • AI Technologies for Edge Devices

    Parallel distributed processing is used on AI models within the camera device itself to convert abstract data in real time while protecting privacy.

  • Broad-ranging Object/Person Recognition Technology

    The use of various AI libraries for object and person recognition, coupled with dedicated tools for sequential learning, helps open the door to a broad array of potential applications.

  • Advanced Proprietary AI Library

    Unique AI libraries for use with drones, in sports, and a broad range of other applications are also being developed, with new application services set to follow in the future.