Neural Group ニューラルグループ株式会社

Parking and Mobility

"DigiPark" provides parking lot operators, logistics facilities, real estate developers, commercial facilities, tourist facilities, SA/PA, and public parking lots with a safety monitoring and guidance service that utilizes parking lot fullness, license plate analysis, and signage. By displaying real-time information on the number of available spaces, we can optimize the guidance to available spaces, improve operational efficiency, reduce traffic congestion and queues, and increase the satisfaction of parking facility users. In addition, by collecting and analyzing data on parking lot usage and vehicle information, the system can be used for the design and operation of parking facilities and for marketing of stores and facilities.
In addition, we will contribute to the improvement of driving safety and convenience by providing traffic information necessary for automated driving and marketing, utilizing the latest AI/IoT technologies, including the world's first AI-powered driving recorder "Smart-kun" with a smartphone application.